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Vol 8 (2015) Moral asymmetries and the semantics of many Abstract   PDF
Paul Egré, Florian Cova
Vol 13 (2020) Multi-modal meaning – An empirically-founded process algebra approach Abstract   PDF
Hannes Rieser, Insa Lawler
Vol 8 (2015) Neg-raising and positive polarity: The view from modals Abstract   PDF
Vincent Homer
Vol 13 (2020) Non-informative assertions: The case of non-optional wh-in-situ Abstract   PDF
María Biezma
Vol 14 (2021) NPIs, intervention, and collectivity Abstract   PDF
Brian Buccola, Luka Crnič
Vol 13 (2020) Numeral differential constructions in Arabic Abstract   PDF
Peter Hallman
Vol 13 (2020) Numerals and the theory of number Abstract   PDF
Luisa Martí
Vol 6 (2013) N-words and sentential negation: Evidence from polarity particles and VP ellipsis Abstract   PDF
Adrian Brasoveanu, Donka Farkas, Floris Roelofsen
Vol 14 (2021) On believing and hoping whether Abstract   PDF
Aaron Steven White
Vol 12 (2019) On the grammatical source of adjective ordering preferences Abstract   PDF
Gregory Scontras, Judith Degen, Noah D. Goodman
Vol 8 (2015) On the semantics and pragmatics of epistemic vocabulary Abstract   PDF
Sarah Moss
Vol 4 (2011) Operators or restrictors? A reply to Gillies Abstract   PDF
Justin Khoo
Vol 10 (2017) Or what? Abstract   PDF
María Biezma, Kyle Rawlins
Vol 9 (2016) Overt distributivity in algebraic event semantics Abstract   PDF
Lucas Champollion
Vol 10 (2017) Parsing and presuppositions in the calculation of local contexts Abstract   PDF
Matt Mandelkern, Jacopo Romoli
Vol 9 (2016) Perspectives Abstract   PDF
Ash Asudeh, Gianluca Giorgolo
Vol 10 (2017) Pluractionality, iconicity, and scope in French Sign Language Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Kuhn, Valentina Aristodemo
Vol 12 (2019) Pluralities across categories and plural projection Abstract   PDF
Viola Schmitt
Vol 12 (2019) Polarity particles revisited Abstract   PDF
Donka F. Farkas, Floris Roelofsen
Vol 12 (2019) Polarity reversals under sluicing Abstract   PDF
Margaret Kroll
Vol 9 (2016) Pragmatic reasoning through semantic inference Abstract   PDF
Leon Bergen, Roger Levy, Noah Goodman
Vol 13 (2020) Predicting the end: Epistemic change in Romance Abstract   PDF
Patricia Amaral, Fabio Del Prete
Vol 12 (2019) Presupposing counterfactuality Abstract   PDF
Julia Zakkou
Vol 14 (2021) Presuppositional exhaustification Abstract   PDF
Itai Bassi, Guillermo Del Pinal, Uli Sauerland
Vol 5 (2012) Presuppositions, provisos, and probability Abstract   PDF
Daniel Lassiter
Vol 10 (2017) Probability and implicatures: A unified account of the scalar effects of disjunction under modals Abstract   PDF
Paolo Santorio, Jacopo Romoli
Vol 10 (2017) Puzzling response particles: An experimental study on the German answering system Abstract   PDF
Berry Claus, A. Marlijn Meijer, Sophie Repp, Manfred Krifka
Vol 10 (2017) Quantification over alternative intensions Abstract   PDF
Thomas Ede Zimmermann
Vol 3 (2010) Quantifiers in Than-Clauses Abstract   PDF
Sigrid Beck
Vol 4 (2011) Quantity implicatures, exhaustive interpretation, and rational conversation Abstract   PDF
Michael Franke
Vol 6 (2013) Raising and resolving issues with scalar modifiers Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Coppock, Thomas Brochhagen
Vol 13 (2020) Reciprocity: Anaphora, scope, and quantification Abstract   PDF
Dag Trygve Truslew Haug, Mary Dalrymple
Vol 11 (2018) Reconstructing the syntax of focus operators Abstract   PDF
Liz Smeets, Michael Wagner
Vol 0 (2007) Semantics and Pragmatics -- A New Journal Abstract   PDF
David Beaver, Kai von Fintel
Vol 9 (2016) Semantics and pragmatics of (not-)at-issueness in Yucatec Maya attitude reports Abstract   PDF
Scott AnderBois
Vol 8 (2015) Sentence-internal "same" and its quantificational licensors: A new window into the processing of inverse scope Abstract   PDF
Adrian Brasoveanu, Jakub Dotlačil
Vol 13 (2020) Similative plurality and the nature of alternatives Abstract   PDF
Ryan Walter Smith
Vol 12 (2019) Sluicing on free choice Abstract   PDF
Melissa Fusco
Vol 6 (2013) Strategic conversation Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Asher, Alex Lascarides
Vol 10 (2017) Super monsters I: Attitude and Action Role Shift in sign language Abstract   PDF
Philippe Schlenker
Vol 10 (2017) Super monsters II: Role Shift, iconicity and quotation in sign language Abstract   PDF
Philippe Schlenker
Vol 9 (2016) Supplemental update Abstract   PDF
Scott Martin
Vol 11 (2018) Symmetric predicates and the semantics of reciprocal alternations Abstract   PDF
Yoad Winter
Vol 4 (2011) Temporal anaphora across and inside sentences: The function of participles Abstract   PDF
Corien Bary, Dag Trygve Truslew Haug
Vol 11 (2018) That’s not quite it: An experimental investigation of (non‑)exhaustivity in clefts Abstract   PDF
Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss, Swantje Tönnis, Edgar Onea, Malte Zimmermann
Vol 11 (2018) The case of the missing ‘If’: Accessibility relations in Stalnaker’s theory of conditionals Abstract   PDF
Matthew Mandelkern
Vol 8 (2015) The Degree Semantics Parameter and cross-linguistic variation Abstract   PDF
M. Ryan Bochnak
Vol 12 (2019) The discourse commitments of illocutionary reportatives Abstract   PDF
Martina T Faller
Vol 9 (2016) The history of the use of ⟦.⟧-notation in natural language semantics Abstract   PDF
Brian Rabern
Vol 8 (2015) The ingredients of comparison: The semantics of the excessive construction in Japanese Abstract   PDF
Xiao Li
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